Beach of the village

Juan Dolio beach Juan Dolio Beach is located at the entrance of the village, on the right. It is a large beach lined with coconut trees.
At the beginning of the beach there are souvenir shops, a few restaurants and bars. It is a fairly quiet beach the week, much more frequented on weekends, holidays and during school holidays. The inhabitants of the surroundings and particularly those of Santo Domingo, like to come on this beach.

Playa Guyacanes

Playa Guyacanes Playa Guayacanes is a popular beach located just before Juan Dolio.
Guayacanes is a small fishing village located on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic about 40 km from the capital Santo Domingo, just before Juan Dolio.
This small beach has no hosts, the nearest all-inclusive hotels are those of Juan Dolio.
There are a few bars and restaurants in the surrounding area.

Playa Caribe

Playa Caribe Playa Caribe is a small beach located between Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, just before the Los Delfines water park, on the right.
It is not protected by a barrier of coral, and sometimes the waves are strong and therefore dangerous.
Like Playa Guayacanes and Playa Juan Dolio, it is a busy beach on weekends and holidays.